About Our Residential & Commercial Cleaning

We are Maria Ortiz Cleaning Services your trusted partner in making residential and commercial spaces spotless in Seattle, WA. Although we are a janitorial service provider that has only been around since 2020, we already have 7 years of industry experience. That is why if you are interested in making your space tidy, impressive, and safe for everyone who enters and is in it without breaking any sweat, our third-party team of residential and commercial cleaning experts is ready to assist you with just a call.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

A Third Party Cleaning Service Just a Call Away

If you need a janitorial service that is composed of a team of dedicated experts who know exactly what they are doing, that is us. Armed with our tools, equipment, and skills, along with the appropriate training, we are the top-notch janitorial team that can thoroughly tackle any cleaning issues you may have. So don’t hesitate to let us handle all your cleaning troubles because our team is certainly one of the best partners you can have in a cleaning service.

So if you are looking for a trusted team of residential and commercial cleaning experts, then give Maria Ortiz Cleaning Services a call at (206) 775-0733 right away. We are always ready and always available to handle any cleaning issues you may have in Seattle, WA.

Services List

  • Office Cleaning
  • Restaurant Cleaning
  • Residential Cleaning
  • Department Cleaning
  • Janitorial Service